We all need support, whether it be from our loved ones, our followers or our apparel. Sara Da Silva was born when it's founder Sara found that while she got that support from her family, friends and followers she wasn't getting it from her fitness apparel.

Born in Brazil, a country full of cities of vibrant culture - which are packed to the brim people with real bodies. Sara's personal foundations in fashion were an exploration, Brazilian women are finding proud of their shapely bodies and are encourage to expressing their personality through clothing. Sustainable fashion is also a way of life in Brazil, clothing is built to last.

Having decided to be brave and take the step of moving to Ireland alone in her early 20's, Sara fell in love with fitness - she also fell in love with Simon and decided not to return to Brazil!  

While Sara knows a thing about fashion, timeless style and clothing that lasts. Simon with his training in engineering is passionate about the quality of materials and structure of the design, having been raised in a family with a successful clothing business he also knew a thing or two the perks and pitfalls of running a business.

Sara had struggled to find (locally) high quality fitness wear that would flex with her. giving her the confidence to focus on her workout. The idea was born & built quickly, Sara & Simon bought some leggings on a subsequent trip home and started selling them to her network of fitness professionals.

The brand grew entirely on it's own, the clothing spoke for itself. The fabric is high quality, no lagging, bobbling or bagging ensuring that ALL real bodies look good - whether walking to the gym or finally achieving that deadlift PR. The unique designs also encourage a little expression of the personality - bringing to life some of that Brazilian vibrancy we all know and love. 

Sara (and Simon) want to provide fitness based fashion that lasts, clothing that flexes with you throughout the stages of your life and give you the confidence to focus on what really matters - to you.

Above all, Sara da Silva Brazilian Sportswear is inspired by the women who wear it – every day, in the gym or on the high street, the feedback from Sara Da Silva customers is what drives Sara and Simon to make their leggings better and keep you feeling amazing.

“Our customers’ feedback is the most important measure of success we have – real people wear Sara Da Silva every day and their experiences shape our designs.”

- Simon

On her journey to becoming a champion Fitness Model, Sara Da Silva has channelled her passion for fitness and her Brazilian roots into high fashion, high tech fitness wear.

Sara Da Silva leggings are hand cut and sewn from the highest quality, non-sheer Brazilian fabrics – every pair is engineered with unique fabric compression technology and a high waist band to provide supreme comfort and confidence with a sleek, streamlined fit at home in or out of the gym.

I design my leggings to make you feel amazing about how you look – if you feel good, you’ll push yourself to keep going!”  

- Sara